Creating CSS Designs

Ten years ago, HTML was all the rage when it came to designing Web sites.  In recent years, CSS-based designs have become preferable.  With today’s sites becoming larger and more expansive, it is becoming necessary to minimize the amount of time needed to update and reformat these sites.  This is where CSS has become useful.  Not only is the time needed to update pages shorter, but the code used is also more compact and loads faster.  All of these are major perks to using CSS code over the old HTML.  Even though CSS is not supported on as many browsers as XHTML, it is still widely becoming the norm for Web site design.

Two of the main tags used in CSS-based design are <DIV> and <SPAN>.  These are known as containers used to wrap around blocks of code.  The designer creates different styles for each container and these can be used throughout multiple Web pages in a site with minimal code.  It is wise to test CSS-based designers in various browsers in order to determine if the code used works properly in each browser.  It is important to remember that not all users use the same browser and new browsers are appearing all the time.


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