What is Needed to Build Mortised Sites

When building Web sites, it is important to understand how to mortise a Web site, which is essentially piecing a site together.  The images, links and content on a site should complement each other in a perfect harmony to get the best usage.  One way to do this is to mortise images.  This requires the design to place two or more images together like a montage to balance each other.  The point is to make sure the images when placed on the page are coded correctly so that the user doesn’t end up seeing spaces between the images or images jumping around the screen where they aren’t intended to be.  Such malfunctions can cause frustration for a user.  Many have experienced this and can all attest that it looks unprofessional.

The advantage of image mortising is that instead of one large image downloading onto the screen, the image is broken down into many smaller images so that it will load faster and can be saved in its highest quality format.  Correct placement and coding is imperative to pulling this feat off.  One way to achieve this is to use a container.  This helps keep the images from bouncing around the page.  A combination of XHTML and CSS can help.


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