Things to Consider Before Beginning

I am continuing to read “Professional Web Design: Techniques and Templates.”  So far, it has been a very informative read and I definitely see myself applying the techniques and tips I have been acquiring once I begin professionally designing web sites.  I am enjoying the additional knowledge that I am gaining from the book and am glad to be able to share it for everyone in my Web design blog.

In Chapter 3, we begin to explore the items one should be consider when designing and planning a Web site.  One thing the author points out is that it is important to be “logical and practical” when planning a Web site.  One must consider the client’s needs as well as the practicality of implementation.  A client may have certain ideas and demands that may not fit the scope of the type of Web site that they may need.  Remember to keep the appeal fresh and professional.  A Web site should convey the company’s message in a proficient manner.  Also continue to remember the audience that will be visiting this Web site.  The longer a Web page takes to load, the less time the company may have before they lose a potential customer who grows impatient waiting. 

A larger Web site can benefit from the creation of a well designed flowchart.  If a Web page only has five or fewer pages, it may not be necessary to create a flowchart as it is easy to visualize the layout.  When creating a larger site consisting of 10 or more pages, it is absolutely essential to create a flowchart to keep the planning organized.  This way the designer has easy way to visualize the layout of the site.  Once the design is complete, the designer can also implement the flowchart on the Web site as a site map, which many users find beneficial.


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