Designing for Past, Present, and Future

Often designers can get caught up in trying to design a Web page that has a large audience and is pleasing to everyone.  There are so many different browsers used these days, that it can be difficult to keep Web pages compatible with all of them.  In all honesty, it is best to just keep up with the most popular browsers such as Internet Explorer and Firefox.  This is one of the many advantages with using a CSS designed site.  The Cascading Style Sheets allow multiple browser compatibility with more relative ease. 

Another problem that can inhibit a Web site is keeping in mind users who may not possess a newer faster processor.  A user who has an older computer may experience slow low loading times when trying to access a newer flashier Web site.  In order to keep a larger audience, it is important to remember that all users are not the same.  Also, remember that newer versions of JavaScript and other computer applications may not always be up to date.  While most users today have access to high speed internet, there are the occasional users who still use a dial up modem and this can cause slow loading times on image rich sites.  Large images will load in a lower quality in slower speed enviroments.  This is important to keep in mind when considering using large images on Web sites or for backgrounds.


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