Professional Web Design: Techniques and Templates

It’s amazing how the design of a Web site can completely change your mood.  An intricate Web site that is well formulated with an easy to read interface is enjoyable to encounter.  How often have we entered a poorly designed website that was difficult to navigate only to leave disgruntled and unsatisfied.  Have you ever began exploring a deceptively attractive Web site only to find it had no links or was missing pertinent information?

While the Internet is still relatively young, it has encountered numerous technological advances in recent years.  It can be difficult to keep on track of the latest advancements, but keeping a Web site fresh and interesting is important to ensuring that users will continue to return and that new users will be curious.

When designing a Web site, it is important to remember who your audience will be.  While you won’t be able to please everyone who comes to your Web site, it is important to keep track of current trends and ideas.  At best, a Web site’s purpose is to provide information to the user.  The purpose isn’t to entertain the user with a graphics rich flash movie unless it is essential to the Web site design.  Keep your sites attractive and interesting but do not bombard a user with unnecessary fonts and graphics.  Remember that graphics heavy sites that can take a long time to load, even on today’s faster Internet.  It is important to keep a Web site professional and simplistic.  Less is more.  Remember that the main purpose of a Web site is to share information.